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James Kereopa

Published on scoop.co.nz 22/06/2020


SPCA Prosecutes Man For Breaching An Order Disqualifying Him From Owning Dogs

SPCA has charged a Christchurch man who was found in possession of a dog after being disqualified from owning them after a previous ruling.

James Kereopa pled not guilty in October last year to contravening an order made under the Animal Welfare Act and was disqualified from owning dogs for a period of three years. He was found guilty last week following a Judge alone trial and was sentenced to a further three-year disqualification from owning dogs.

The case began in October 2015, when Mr Kereopa was convicted of two animal cruelty charges. As part of his sentence, he was disqualified from owning or exercising authority over dogs for three years.

SPCA Chief executive Andrea Midgen says breaching a disqualification order is a serious offense.

“These are cases that we do not take lightly, as there is always a good reason why a disqualification order is in place,” she says.

In August 2018, SPCA Inspectors received information that the defendant was in possession of a dog. On visiting the address, Mr Kereopa admitted ownership of ‘Miss’, a tan mixed breed dog who was found at the front of the property.

Miss was taken into the possession of the SPCA Inspector. When asked if he recalled receiving the court order, Mr Kereopa told the Inspector that he didn’t read it as he “throws that type of thing out”.

“Thankfully, ownership of Miss was surrendered to SPCA and she was able to be adopted by a family who absolutely adore her,” Ms Midgen says.

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  • Of course he “throws that type of thing out” – but surely he would have been told by the judge in court????