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  • Raymond Albert Gardner
    Published on 22/06/2018 A Nelson judge found himself in a “very difficult position” when finding an appropriate sentence for a 77-year-old Richmond farmer charged with animal cruelty. Inspections of a Redwood Valley beef farm belonging to Raymond AlbertRead …
  • E Z Step Ltd trading as Petstop
    Published on 18/09/2019   A pet store business, E Z Step Ltd trading as Petstop, has been prosecuted by SPCA for improper care of a kitten, a water dragon, and two geckos in its stores. The business pledRead …
  • Michael James Whitelock
    Originally published on October 7 2015   A dairy worker has been handed what is believed to be New Zealand’s longest-ever prison sentence for animal cruelty, after cows were beaten, had their tails broken and were shot inRead …
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