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sad dog


Published on stuff.co.nz 12/7/2018


A Canterbury man who was seen kicking and strangling his dog – and shooting it with a BB gun – has been sentenced in a case the SPCA calls precedent-setting.

Jade Noanoa pleaded guilty at the Christchurch District Court on June 14 to one charge of ill-treating an animal. He was sentenced on Thursday to three months’ community detention and was ordered to pay reparations of about $3100.

He was also disqualified from owning dogs for five years.

George has fully recovered under the care of the SPCA and is now up for adoption.

The SPCA said the single charge was representative of months of “cruel” abuse against George, a Staffordshire cross-type dog. Witnesses reported the dog being kicked, punched, strangled, beaten with weapons, shot at with a BB gun, and verbally abused.

“We are thrilled that in this instance, Mr Noanoa was sentenced on the accounts of witnesses with no physical evidence.”

The SPCA received a complaint on February 1 last year that a Staffordshire cross-type dog was being beaten. Noanoa was heard coming home, before loud thumping noises were heard and yelping from the dog.

The SPCA visited the property the next day and took possession of George. Inspectors had visited several times over a period of eight months after receiving complaints from people concerned for the dog’s welfare.

A vet examined George and found no evidence of broken bones. However, there were scars around the right eye and an advanced cataract. While the exact cause of the scars is unknown, expert evidence suggested both injuries could have been caused by trauma.

George’s ownership was surrendered to the SPCA, and the dog has made a full recovery in the organisation’s Canterbury Centre. He is now available for adoption.

“George deserves justice. He suffered extreme physical violence by his owner which went beyond a misplaced belief in correction – it was cruel,” Midgen said.

“Thanks to the inspectors involved in this case, we were able to achieve justice for George and rescue him from a life of abuse.”