Tereariki Moses

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sad dog


Published on newshub.co.nz 13/06/2019


A Dunedin man has been sentenced after admitting he beat a cat with a piece of wood until it died.

Tereariki Moses pleaded guilty on Thursday in the Dunedin District Court to the ill-treatment of the cat in October, the Otago Daily Times reports. He received 100 hours community work.

Moses hit the cat with a piece of wood measuring 1m, and threw its body into some bushes.

Newshub has contacted the SPCA for comment.

The ODT reports Moses’ criminal record suggested he had a problem with alcohol, Judge Bridget Mackintosh said.

Defence counsel Andy Belcher said his client was “doing ok” and had not been in prison for some time.

“It is important to note, animals are vulnerable and deserve to be treated with care,” Judge Mackintosh said.

The ODT reported the Judge told Moses: “it’s not acceptable, obviously, to do what you did on this occasion”.