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  • Xiang Max Bai
    Published in the NZ Herald 21 December 2016     Eight dalmatians died from a highly infectious disease after their owner failed to get them medical treatment. Auckland man Xiang Max Bai was this week sentenced to 160 hours’Read …
  • Murray Johnson
    Murray Johnson Published on 02/09/2020 A Christchurch man was captured on video beating his dog with a wooden plank so violently the animal suffered internal injuries. Murray Johnson on Wednesday pleaded guilty in the Christchurch District Court toRead …
  • Hayden Growcott
    Published on 26/09/2014 A Cobden man charged with torturing cats by cutting off their paws, and burning one cat alive while beating another to death, yesterday admitted the offences in the Greymouth District Court. Hayden Growcott, 22, facedRead …
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