Dimitrie Apanui

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sad dog


Published on www.newshub.co.nz on 27/03/2019


Dimitrie Apanui  pleaded guilty on Wednesday in Whakatāne District Court to the ill-treatment of puppy King in 2018.  He was sentenced to 240 hours community service and disqualified from owning animals for three years.

CCTV footage showed Apanui beating the puppy with a “small object” at least six times, then struck him with a broom with such force that the broom handle broke.

The dog and equipment used to harm him was seized by the SPCA after a search warrant was issued at the man’s address, where the beating took place.

He said the dog had nipped one of his children, and did not mean to harm it, but acted in the heat of the moment.

SPCA CEO Andrea Midgen said in a statement that the video footage was hard to watch.

“It shows a beating that is horrific in its intensity and duration, and is devastating to watch.

“Violence in communities must never be tolerated. Unfortunately, cases of violence against animals are something our SPCA Inspectors see all too often.”

She said since the incident, King had found a new family.

“King has settled in beautifully with his new family, this cruel period firmly behind him.”