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Published on One News

Last week Ann Power was ordered to hand over her animals to the SPCA by the Auckland District Court.

Power has a long history of animal abuse and neglect. She has five convictions related to animal welfare and nine criminal and driving convictions.

Power wasn’t home today when the SPCA seized 45 dogs from her Whangarei property.

The dogs struggled to walk from their cages after having spent the majority of their lives in solitary confinement.

Dogs seized by SPCA had to be carried after long solitary confinement in cages

The dogs appeared anxious as they were being taken from Whangarei woman Anne Power’s property.
Source: 1 NEWS

“You notice today we were carrying the dogs not walking them on leads so they haven’t been exposed to that so they would have a panic attack on the end of the lead,” the SPCA told ONE news.

Altogether ONE News has worked out she has had at least 139 dogs, 63 cattle, 54 horses, 20 sheep and four llamas subject to removal orders since 1998.

The District Court has allowed Power to keep a few dogs on compassionate grounds.


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The Court of Appeal has rejected a bid for a second appeal hearing by a woman whose badly treated and malnourished horse died in her care.

Anne Power’s horse had severe dental wear and decay, infections and abscesses in both lungs, chronic worms, and was severely emaciated.

She was convicted on a charge of reckless ill-treatment of an animal and forced to forfeit some of her remaining livestock.

Power unsuccessfully appealed to the High Court saying the sentence was manifestly excessive.

Today, the Court of Appeal has ruled Power’s case does not meet the statutory requirement that it involves a matter of general or public importance.

It also said there was no risk of a miscarriage of justice in declining her application to appeal against the conviction.