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  • Alastair Robert Kane Hughes
    Alastair Robert Kane Hughes Published on 18/02/2021 A Waikato farmer has been fined $3500 after giving his cattle only half the feed they needed each day. Alastair Robert Kane Hughes appeared in Morrinsville District Court this week toRead …
  • Kura Munro
    Kura Munro Published on on 05/03/2020 Hawkes Bay Today By: Christian Fuller A Hawke’s Bay woman is banned from owning dogs for five years after she starved a pet to death in a case the SPCA says is “beyond comprehension”.Read …
  • Murray John Illing
    Murray John Illing Published on 2903/2019 An Otago rodeo enthusiast and farmer of 35 years has been ordered to pay more than $4500 over his role in a cow-abuse case. Murray John Illing (52) has appeared in theRead …
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